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Parent ABA Training Course - Group Format
The parent training course is designed to provide intensive direct training in a small group (i.e., no more than 10 parents/caregivers) format on the principles and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis. Participants will learn how to effectively manage behavior problems and increase their children's independence through teaching daily living skills in the home and community settings. In addition to lectures on the philosophy, theory, and background of ABA, parents and/or caregivers will participate in troubleshooting discussions, homework assignments and will receive up to two hours of direct training are consultation in the home in which they will apply the learned skills directly with their children.

Individualized Parent Training
BEST Consulting also provides individualized parent training to parents whom are participating or have participated in an early intervention program. The parent training is designed to teach parents and caregivers how to continue to teach and generalize the skills taught to their child and how to identify skills to teach in the future. This parent training model occurs in the parent's/child's home and community setting and involves intensive direction, skill teaching, and feedback. The goal of this model is to enable parents to facilitate and teach new skills to their child and to identify and develop behavior intervention plans for behavior problems as they arise.