Our Mission

Improving the quality of life through a collaborative approach

BEST Consulting is committed to ensuring that all we do is in alignment with the company's core values and goals. For everyone that we serve, our top priority is improving the quality of life, whether we are serving a child with Autism, an adult with developmental disabilities, the parent of a typically-developing child, or an organization seeking to improve their systems and processes.We are committed to not only our clients, but to the community, the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and our staff. Listed below are the goals and values that drive us in each of these areas.

BEST's Commitment to our…

CLIENTS:  To improve the quality of life, interaction with the community, and relationships with family and friends… to maximize the potential of all clients by increasing skills and decreasing interfering behaviors….to empower all parents and caregivers… to utilize the most current, effective, and ethical practices possible at all times… and to collaborate with other service providers to ensure the most comprehensive programs possible.

COMMUNITY: To facilitate the dissemination of ABA theory to the community and other parents and professionals… to share information and services whenever possible with the community at large… to ethically respond to the needs of the community with ABA practices… and to share and promote research that supports ABA interventions.

STAFF:  To contribute to all staff's personal and professional enhancement through ongoing education… to support and encourage personal and professional core values… to promote and maintain healthy interpersonal interactions and relationships with all team members… and to strive to maintain a culture of family by limiting company expansion.