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Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment (EIBT)
The EIBT program focuses on teaching children ages 2 to 6 years the skills necessary to integrate into educational classrooms and the skills necessary to function independently within the home and community environments. Programs typically consist of 15 to 40 hours per week of one-to-one intervention and may include a classroom based component. This comprehensive program's aim is to enhance language, functional communication, social skills, play skills, pre-academics, and independent living skills. The reduction of interfering behaviors is accomplished through positive programming techniques that involve providing reinforcement for socially appropriate behaviors, setting the child up for success, and ensuring that motivation is established as the child participates in the learning process. In addition, the EIBT program emphasizes the generalization of all learned skills to their natural context including the community, peer and classroom settings.

A Social Skills Group is also a usual component to EIBT programs. The social skills training group is designed to target the skills necessary to interact with others, including typically developing peers, while participating in group activities. Each client participates in a weekly peer group with up to five typically developing peers that incorporate language, social interaction, play skills and observational learning.

Please click here to download BEST's Roles and Responsibilities/Parent Informed Consent for EIBT programs.