What Makes Our Company BEST?

Our greatest assets are our commitment to Applied Behavior Analysis, the specialized experience and training of our staff, and our dedication to the client above all else. With these three things in place, the result is high-quality services delivered with integrity.

Although the majority of our services are delivered to individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities, BEST also provides ABA-based services to parents of typically developing children and organizations seeking to improve their systems through the utilization of ABA technology. Please see Services and Programs for more specific information.

What are parents and professionals
saying about BEST?

“Jacob was only 17 months old when diagnosed with PDD-NOS. At that time, he had no words, did not point, and was delayed in his motor and social skills. Just before he turned two, he began receiving therapy, including an Early Intensive In-Home Behavioral Therapy program with BEST Consulting. At age three, he was diagnosed with autism. Over the past two years since his initial diagnosis, Jacob has slowly been able to close what at one time was a large gap between his development and his peers. He has attended a full inclusion pre-school with typically developing children with the assistance of a "shadow aid" from BEST and has continued an EIBT program with BEST. His development is now almost indistinguishable from his peers and it is anticipated he will be able to attend, and thrive in, a normal kindergarten environment! As parents, his mother and I are so grateful to BEST Consulting for helping Jacob achieve success! They truly are the BEST!” 

-Jacob's Parents

BEST Consulting, Inc. offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention programs designed for children with autism, PDD and other related developmental disabilities. In addition, we offer training and services to typically-developing children who may need some additional support. Our behaviorally based treatment programs are designed to target various areas of functioning including:





Self-help skills


School integration

Reduction of interfering behaviors

BEST Consulting professionals are dedicated to improving the quality of life through a collaborative approach. Our programs are based on years of research and the collective work of many leaders in the field including B.F. Skinner and Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D.

Treatment programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual we serve. BEST Consulting, Inc. team members are committed to ensuring our clients receive quality services that meet the needs of the child and the family. We also emphasize an integrated working relationship with other service providers (i.e. school settings, speech pathology, and occupational therapy) to maximize consistency and positive outcomes.